The world of Yuzen artist “Mr. Yuki Yamamoto” in NYC

From Japan


Actually, it all started by mistake on my side.
I bumped into the beautiful Yuzen art on kimono and obi on Facebook.
His name is Mr. Yuki Yamamoto
Then crazy Idea came to my mind.
“Why don’t we introduce this artist to New Yorkers?”
To have a meeting, I sent a text message to my dear friend,Ryoko EndoRyoko Endo I THOUHT!
But silly me, I sent that message to the Yuzen artist, Mr. Yuki Yamamoto himself!

Embarassingly enough, In that message, since I am close to Ryoko I wroute something which is not that beautiful…you know. I was mortified when I noticed that. I was banging my head and rolling on the floor. Then Mr. Yamamoto replyed. ” I must say that I was surprised by the message, but at the same time knowing that somebody is thinking of me like that is flattering. Having my Exhibit in NY has been always one of my dreams too!”

It took us three years, but it is finally happeing. Please come to join us to enjoy the world of Saimitsu Yuzen Artist Mr. Yuki Yamamoto at the beautiful Globus Washitsu which Mr. Steven Stephen Globus created.


片岡 桜子 / Sakurako Kataoka







最終更新日:   2015/10/21